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            We offer complete engineering services in the following areas: Civil Engineering, Water Engineering, Environmental Engineering, Telecommunication & ICT . . .

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          • Procurement

            We procure Mechanical Equipment, electrical Materials, Marine Equipment, safety Equipment, office furniture and equipment, home furniture, hospital equipment . . .

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          • Construction

            SRG delivers comprehensive civil works, including design, engineering and procurement, for the construction of plants, factories and auxiliary buildings as well as Oil and Gas installations and power stations.

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          • Management

            Our Facilities Management services are based on modern management practices, time-tested processes, and technology tools that offer a competitive and comprehensive value proposition to customers.

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          What We Do

          Shining Ray Global Nigeria Limited is a limited liability company incorporated under Allied Matters and Companies Decree of 1990. The Company operates through four main divisions namely; Engineering, Procurement, Construction and Management.

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          Our Team of International Partners